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Shapezoom Overview

Shapezoom health center is an organized clinic that offers all you need for your health as a man or woman. Our job is to provide you with the best service to have a healthy lifestyle with the perfect body shape. Here’s the list of our exceptional treatments and services: Don’t miss our luxurious treatments for your body and face.


Medical Director
Nutritionist & Dietician
Food Industry Engineer

She is a food industry engineer, general practitioner and certified clinical nutritionist and dietitian ( DHA) with over 14 years of experience in medical nutrition therapy and treated over 9000 patients since then, with a wide range of nutrition related medical conditions like obesity, PCOS, diabetics, gestational diabetes, eating disorders, gastrointestinal conditions, hypertension, high lipid profile, IBS, food allergies and food intolerances, child obesity, pregnancy and breast feeding, sport nutrition and improvement of nutrition status and life style and general well being.

She achieved two gold medals for researches and published scientific articles and earned HACCP and ISO certification to link the modern food industry with nutrition.

She had attended over 50 different seminars and conferences about nutrition and health and human biology and was speak person of some well known companies like GSK.

Before and After Results

Cravings can be sign of some problems or deficiencies


• Extreme thirst: possible diabetic
• Meat: lack of iron and vitamin B12
• Soft drink: calcium deficiency
• Chocolate: magnesium deficiency
• Salty snacks: hormonal imbalance
• Tea and cafe: lack of sleep and stress
• Sour food: possible liver problem
• Sweet craving: lack of sleep and lack of serotonin
• Shapezoom advises you on healthy eating and preventative health, such as assisting an individual to obtain a balanced eating plan or health coaching to enable successful dietary habit changes and weight loss.


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